2005 -2014



Thank you for visiting my website. 

I am an Acrylic painter who paints on everything from recycled wood to found fabrics.

I love to create whimsical, colorful and multicultural paintings that reflect stories I've heard in my life as well as personal experiences I've had traveling and just living during these fascinating times.

I started painting in college while hanging out with my friends.  We created large paintings on whatever we could find, and I developed a style similar to the colorful folk art.  Eventually I worked my way through graduate school to get my Fine Arts masters degree. In that time I discovered my fondness of chicken imagery and began incorporating the classic image into my work.  I also delved into multicultural aspects drawing from African and Aboriginal designs to create colorful images.  With inspiration being drawn from so many places I continued to paint original acrylic paintings on recycled material adding various animals and imagery, including the iconic figure of red robbed Buddhist monks, which added a meditative spirituality to the pieces.  With all these different places to pull from, I enjoy creating whimsical, story telling paintings.  To aid in this imagery I began to add what could be called abstract typography, but instead of forcing some words on you, I allow you to fill your own precise words to the images.  I love to paint, but I am passionate about music and like adding musical themes and figures in my work.  While I occasional create original acrylic paintings on gallery wrapped canvas, my preferred medium is recycled wood.  My narratives might be quirky, but I am really just having fun and looking to make people happy.